Peer to Peer lending

Peer-To-Peer Lending: A Financial Set Up with Advantages

Peer to Peer lending system has proved to be the most successful way of financial dealings according to the University of Cambridge. It has become one of the most prominent lending systems for all new investors and borrowers. This article will help you to get detailed information about the peer to peer lending system so that you can make your decision about whether to invest in the system or not.Peer to peer lending is also commonly known as p2p lending.

Advantages of p2p lending

As compared to traditional savings account, p2p leading system has the potential to handle your money in a faster way. Let’s go deeper into the working of the p2p system.

Peer to peer is a type of lending system which provides a well-benefiting reward to both the lending and borrowing party. The traditional savings account system in banks has been struggling for long to provide a higher interest rate and convenient financial aid to lenders.

But this problem is solved by the peer to peer lending. P2P lending system has been successful in offering a much higher return which makes investments worth it. Even during the days of high inflation rates only this system is successful in stabilizing the process of lending and borrowing. It also provides a higher return rate during the process.

For instance, the P2P lending services can make lenders earn up to 5% p.a. when they invest over 5 years and up to 3% p.a. over 3 years. If you are searching for a better way to stimulate your investment and grow your money without taking substantial risk then peer to peer lending is the best option you have with you.

Peer to peer lending system helps to spread your capital in several different baskets.  The result is that it reduces the risk of your asset. Due to the spreading of your fund into small units of investment, your asset will not be affected by any economic turbulence. Peer to peer lending system provides an opportunity for investors to work in a risk-free environment and also gives a chance to diversify your fund to avoid miss-management due to high pressure.

P2P platforms are FCA regulated; the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), regulates the p2p lending system which ensures the fair transactions of money. It also checks for any frauds that may hamper the system. It provides a transparent service to customers. An interesting fact is that FCA is also responsible for the UK’s financial factor. So even if you are new to the system your security is ensured by FCA.

Since p2p lending also comes under FCA, proper measures are taken to ensure the transparency and security of the customers in the system. It provides them with all the information they need to make an informed decision about their investment. It also means that you must access all the rules and regulations before you start investing through p2p lending. There are special help and review firms for p2p lending from where you can get access to all the required information about the system and its procedures. The site CrowdReviewed is one such place that can help you make an informed and wise decision. Such guidance is mainly free for newcomers who have a feeling of insecurity before they start investing. Help centers provide complete details to all your queries, and even then, if you have any further queries you have the option to contact directly to the companies to clear your doubts.

Peer to peer lending system provides great protection to your investment. When you invest in the p2p lending system, your capital carries a modest level of risk. P2P platforms ensure high-level security through specially designed protection funds and insurance. This basically means that if any of your loan defaults then the system can step in and fix the loss of the lender with the money tied up with the loan.

P2P lending platforms provide their own underwriting procedures for loan applicants. Such procedures ensure a very smooth working experience to carry out credit, affordability, identity, and fraud checks throughout the application process. All this tight security system ensures that your money goes to a creditworthy borrower who can effortlessly pay your money back in time. P2P lending platforms hold insurance with three large UK insurers. This ensures that even if any borrower fails to pay the money on time, and it is then that your capital is returned from the reserved fund according to the policy with in the due time.

You can easily withdraw your capital at any time. P2P lending platforms are very flexible. These permit you to add or withdraw your money at any time according to your choice. But there should a lender who can replace the loan that you wish to withdraw. No other lending and borrowing service provider has such facilities. It is an attractive option if you want to experience a hustle free financial dealings atmosphere.

For instance, during the process at any stage, you can withdraw your money directly to your wallet it does not require any extra charge. There is a specially designed auto income option that transfers your monthly profit directly to your bank account automatically. There is a special option in the platform that allows you to access funds that are already in the loan. With the Quick Withdraw Service, you can even sell your loans to other lenders. There is a particular cost of doing so and also there must be a lender available who is willing to replace your loan.

If you are looking to invest a significant amount in p2p lending then you have a special option. Peer-to-peer lending has the potential to be tax-free if you’re in the position to open an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). ISAs are maintained by P2P platforms so investors can easily maximize their income. But your earnings must be above the tax allowance; only then opening an IFISA is a profitable option.

One of the hidden advantages of P2P lending which people always overlook is that P2P lending offers an ethical investment.

Hence, the peer-to-peer lending system is the best lending and borrowing platform.

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