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7 Ways To Advice Your Friend To Cope With Sudden Unemployment

So Jill called Jack the other day to inform her about the loss of her job. Apparently, the company was going through a rough patch and Jill got caught in the middle of layoffs. Having been employed for the past 7 years, she just did not know what to do with her life anymore.

Jack found their conversation quite depressing and full of despair. He understood that Jill needed to be pulled out of this emotional pit she is falling in. When a person has been living a certain way for almost a decade, he knew it can be really difficult to adapt to a new reality.

Acting on the friend in need proverb, Jack acted right away in being the friend in deed to Jill. He guided her step by step through the whole unemployment phase of her life. He asked him to follow 7 techniques to handle the current situation. You can use these ways to help your friend too through his or her sudden loss of job.

  1. Physical Exercise

During your low phase in life, it becomes very necessary to stay physically active. Ask your friend to join a gym, or you can take her out yourself for a walk every day. Being physically active triggers positive energy in one’s body. Since she might already be losing self-confidence, it becomes necessary for her thoughts to be aligned in the right direction.

Loss of self-esteem can be really disastrous for your friend. Check on her if she is regularly getting out of her home for some physical exercise. Tell her to use this time to work on her physical shape and relaxing her mind. You can also go out regularly for a sport engaging you two. Playing something can be really helpful in getting her mind off stressful things. Choose a sport both of you like, or maybe go cycling.

  1. Socialising

Encourage your friend to talk and hang out with family and friends. Stop her from isolating herself from the world. The positivity and high energy levels of the loved ones can be a huge motivating factor for her. Getting distracted with important things and people relieves people of their stress, even if for a short period of time.

Whenever you get time, take her out for drinks or a hike. Call her up as often as possible. Talk to the ones around her to not blame her for anything and to maintain a motivating and happy environment when she is around.

  1. Finances

Monetary aid is the biggest help for an unemployed person. The biggest concern of your friend right now would be her pending bills. She would be heavily panicking while thinking about how to pay them off. You can comfort her with financial help in this crisis.

It is understood that you might have the entire funds yourself to help her out. Guide her towards borrowing money from someone reliable. Tell her about to take out guaranteed loans for unemployed offered by direct lenders in the UK like British Lenders. The online lending industry has designed loans especially for the jobless and thrives to provide guaranteed approvals to maximum applications due to small amount. These come with hassle free application procedure and extreme flexibility. She would not have to bother much about bad credit or repayment periods.

  1. Referring

Look out for her future. Take her resume and pass it on to recruiters or influential friends of yours. Getting her a new job opportunity is the most caring thing you can do for your friend. Help her in finding a new workplace. Work with her on her resume. See if your workplace or any other known businesses have openings for her job role.

  1. Skill Upgradation

It would be wise of your friend to use this time to upgrade her skills. Advise her to enrol in an online certification course. By analysing the skill trends in the UK job market, she can make out which addition to her CV would make her more desirable as a job candidate.

There are a multitude of online certifications available in all fields nowadays to take advantage of. Make her aware that using her free time in doing something productive for her future is a sensible way of handling unemployment.

  1. Emotional Help

Be a good listener to your buddy. She would be experiencing feelings she has never felt before. Be there for her and listen to all that she has to say. Not just for a day, but do this whenever she wants to talk. It would really benefit her to take things off her chest.

Keeping feelings suppressed inside the heart can be harmful for her mental health. Take her to a career counsellor if need be. She would automatically be uplifted when she realises that she has someone to rely upon. Tell her some real life examples where people faced a major setback and rose from the depths.

  1. Optimism

Always talk to her in a cheerful tone. Do not act like something is wrong or amiss. Keep your conversations normal and try distracting her thoughts far away from her worries. She already would have filled herself with negative energy. Be the ray of hope and light for her.

Watch movies, check out songs lyrics at lyricsmaze.com, go out, take a mini vacation, catch up with old friends, have layovers and do everything you were missing otherwise. Tell her it is not the end of the world to be without a job. You can share the statistics of unemployment in the UK with her. Numbers can really work wonders (Oh it rhymed!).

The Last Call

No friend likes to see the other in trouble or despair. Friends like to take care of each other through thick and thin of life. Unemployment can be tough for people habituated to working. It gets frustrating to sit idle when you have been working continuously these past years.

Unpredictability is the law of life. The sudden loss of a job can hit a person hard. And it is really disheartening to see one’s friend in trouble. The above methods can really guide you in helping your friend while he or she is down in the dumps. A small effort from your end can prove to be a great support for your buddy.

Description: Unemployment can strike anyone at any time. It is not an unknown situation to anyone worldwide. And when your friend is facing it, you want to help at any cost. There are many ways to help out a friend during the unemployment phase of his or her life.

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